The city of happiness is growing

Now considered as a comfort classic in Antalya, Palm City is once again greeting you with its new project, Palm City Modern, designed in accordance with the original user's needs. House with garden, Palm City’s incomparable social facilities and further to that, more affordable prices…

Private joys, common area facilities…

Best aspects of a life of comfort meet in Palm City Modern in terms of cost and use. Surrounded with proactive security systems, the residential complex includes a Sports Centre with swimming pools, tennis courts and fitness centre. Also, a preschool, which will get started for our preschool age residents, is another “modern” feature!

Architecture, which transforms climatic characteristics into advantages of comfort

From positioning houses to space planning, the best sides of seasons are turned into comforts of life. Private garden with an ideal area of use, a meticulously designed winter garden and spaciousness of indoor areas are among the reflections of the same approach.

Modern houses of duplex terrace houses

Positioned as twin villas and in two different types, Palm City Modern include 176 duplex villas with three bedrooms, and each of which has a garden. All comfort elements including security systems are at your disposal here. Meeting all the family needs in indoor areas to the highest standards, Palm City Modern has the quality, which will defy the years in terms of materials and labour. Now, you can have access to this “modern” quality as well!

  • Bora Hızal @bora_hizal

    Palm City is the most special residential project in Antalya. Built as the first stage of the project, Palm City villas have been providing us with incomparable joy and pleasures for 7 years.

  • Catherine S. @cath_s

    We are currently renting a house in Laguna Houses, and looking forward to moving to our villa, which will meet all our needs, when the Palm City Modern is completed.

Ground floor
  • 1- Living room
    44,50 m2
  • 2- Kitchen
    17,00 m2
  • 3- Bathroom
    2,50 m2
  • 4- Entrance
    11,50 m2
Floor 1
  • 1- Master bedroom
    24,60 m2
  • 2- En-suite bathroom
    3,00 m2
  • 3- Bathroom
    5,70 m2
  • 4- Vestibule
    4,80 m2
  • 5- Bedroom 1
    14,00 m2
  • 6- Bedroom 2
    18,90 m2
  • Total gross area
    186,51 m2
Ground floor
  • 1- Living room
    42,50 m2
  • 2- Kitchen
    14,50 m2
  • 3- Bathroom
    3,80 m2
  • 6- Entrance
    16,00 m2
Floor 1
  • 1- Master bedroom
    16,50 m2
  • 2- En-suite bathroom
    4,60 m2
  • 3- Dressing room
    4,00 m2
  • 4- Bedroom 1
    16,00 m2
  • 5- Bedroom 2
    14,20 m2
  • 6- Bathroom
    4,70 m2
  • 7- Balcony
    3,70 m2
  • 8- Vestibule
    8,80 m2
  • Total gross area
    186,03 m2

Technical Features

  • Danfoss infrastructure with floor heating is suitable for heat pump and combi boiler; VRV system is suitable for heat pump and combi boiler.
  • Infrastructure suitable for cooling VRV system and heat pump
  • Thermal sheathing
  • Low-voltage relay
  • Chimney flue
  • Floating floor system
  • Generator
  • Triple glazed thermally insulated joinery
  • PPRC sanitary system pipe

Please send us the communication form so that we can provide you with the information on prices, financing and houses. Let us reunite you with your dream “modern” comfort.